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Google Reader Backlash: A Fuss Over Nothing? – Rebecca J. Rosen – Technology – The Atlantic

Many of you know (and share) my love for Google Reader.  With the recent update Google choose to kill off the sharing between friend!  This is a huge disappointment for me.  I have really enjoyed reading and sharing articles with all of you!

After some research, I found this article which explains how the new sharing works.

Google Reader Backlash: A Fuss Over Nothing? – Rebecca J. Rosen – Technology – The Atlantic.

The basis of this is article is about how you share, but what I have found is technically you can still pull off seeing what everyone else is sharing within Google Reader.  All items which are “Shared” are now available via RSS from your friend’s Google+ stream…  Not a perfect fix, but you can still keep everything inside of Google Reader.

A suggestion for Google would be add a RSS feed from the Google Profile +1’s page which keep my friends from seeing all my pics and other junk I am posting to Google+ and allows them to see items I deem important by using +1 option…which is now everywhere!

Simple Family Planning

This post is for all our FPU families!  Here are some pics of our family chore charts and family calendar I spoke about this week!

I think we found all of these at Target over the past couple of years.  The are perfect for keeping it simple!  We plan our month of activities this way we know what we need to budget for.  And the kids have their commission charts for chores they get paid for and their family chores.

Leslie ran across some chore chart ideas tonight:




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