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Help Support! WinDev – PC Soft – Area 51 – Stack Exchange Site

Friends join us in coming together to make the WinDev or WX community better!  Many of you use Stack Overflow as developers to find solid development solutions.  I think WinDev needs it own site for this type of discussion and idea sharing.  We have submitted the site to Area 51 and are in the Definition stage.  We need 56 followers and 40 more questions to move to the Commit stage.

For anyone unfamiliar with Stack Exchange or Area 51.  Area 51 is the Stack Exchange Network staging zone. It’s where groups of experts come together to build new Q&A sites that work just like Stack Overflow.  See the FAQ’s for more on how this process works.

So please share and help Support the WinDev – PC Soft – Area 51 – Stack Exchange Site –
Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: WinDev - PC Soft


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WxDev – Resources

I wanted to share some great resources for the WinDev developers.  Thanks to! – bring the WxDev community together!

PC SOFT – Developers of WinDev:
Online Technical Library
Download Center
FTP Resource Repository

Andy Stapleton
Ben Dell
Pete Halsted

WinDev-US – U.S. WinDev Resellers
Riebens – South Africa WinDev Resellers


Soft Design Consulting – Glenn Rathke

I Like WinDev – News, Tutorials, Examples
WinDev Tutorials



Third Party Vendors:

WxDev – Using DebugView with WinDev

For me WinDevGeeks friends, we use DebugView with Clarion and we have taught all our support staff how to use it.  So, as we move to WinDev we would like to keep using DebugView for our support staff.  After 30 seconds of searching….I found the way to post to DebugView:



Accepting one of these, results in the following call:

API(“kernel32.dll”, “OutputDebugStringA”, “Terry’s Test Message”)

Now, our team will use this in some basic error handling and/or showing some SQL statements we are processing.  We will wrap this command with a simple class and call it when needed with DebugMessage(arg:Title, arg:Message).



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