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The Virginia Creeper Trail – Day 2

We had such a fun time on Tuesday, we knew we wanted to ride more of the trail on Wednesday, but we were not sure which part of the trail.  We decided to go for the gusto…Whitetop Station!  Whitetop Station is the other end of the Creep Trail and is also the highest in elevation.  The best part, there are shuttles which take you and your bike to the top of the trail in Whitetop Station and then you ride back to Damascus.

The total ride is about 18 miles with several places to stop and rest or take some pictures.  The ride includes an elevation drop of 1700 feet in a very low grade downhill ride, 30+ bridges, unbelievable scenery, lots of water to see and very little work!

We have to say thanks to Janice, one of the great people we met on the trail, for all the pictures, since all we had was my cell phone camera.  Janice was kinda enough to take some for us!  (The Barn is just for you Janice!)  This trail is a great place to do outdoor shots!  Here is a link to all the pictures:  Creeper Trail (White's Point) Pictures

After about 10 miles, we stopped in a little town called Taylor's Valley for some lunch at the Creeper Trail Cafe.  This is nice little local restaurant which has great food and provides a great rest area for all the cyclists.

We had a little laugh at Chase's expense as we were leaving the cafe.  He decided to take a "shortcut" thru a ditch which had some weed in it.  Well, it turns out, those weeds were some creek vine and there was water in that ditch!  Chase came running out as fast as he went in!  But Chase was a real trooper and after calming down he finished the last 8 miles with some soggy socks.

So we finished the Creeper Trail in just under 3 hours and we all have a great time!


The Virginia Creeper Trail – Day 1

Oh my!  It has been a while since our last family post! 

Well, we have been really enjoying Fall Break.  We left on Monday (Oct 8) to visit Leslie's parents in Bristol TN for a few days.  The weather was looking good so we packed our bikes so we could hopefully ride a little while we were there.  Late Monday afternoon we took a nice ride thru Steele's Creek park and got to hang out with Leslie's dad, Steve, for the afternoon.  The kids really like this park, it is just minutes from Leslie's parent's house and it great for riding and playing in the creeks.

While we were watching the kids play, Leslie and her dad begin talking about riding a trail called the Creeper Trail in Virginia.  After some quick Googling…the Creeper Trail Virginia Creeper Trailis an old coal railroad track which has been converted into a premiere mountain biking trail.  The trail (map) is 35+ miles long and has a couple of stops in small towns along the way.  So we decided on Tuesday we would ride a "few" miles on the Creeper Trail starting in Abingdon, VA.  This was the beginning of the trail and would be easy riding for all of us.

This was a great decision!  We hit the trail late morning on Tuesday the trail was incredible!  The trail was smooth and easy riding with great scenery.  This end of the trail went thru a horse farm, a golf course and had a couple of bridges along the way.  The trail was a light downhill grade which made it fun to ride down and fairly easy to ride back up.  We covered around 4 miles before we decided
to head back.

These bridges were wide and provided lots of great views.

And here is our crew…the Fall Brakers!

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