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Our Home

Wow! What a year! We have been living life to its fullest and making some large decisions! It is time to sell our house! This is not been a easy decision, mainly because we love our home and have worked hard to make it…a home. It is just not meeting our needs and so, we trust God has planned on blessing someone with this incredible house.


Please help us spread the word and share this news with anyone looking for a house in Cookeville. Here are some additional pics. We have a great agent Heather Skender and here is the listing.

We have done a lot of updates:
2013-04 – Updated Bathrooms
2013-02 – Install 30K BTU Gas Heater in Garage…yes the GARAGE!
2012-06 – New AC Unit last summer.
2011-10 – Updated landscaping
2011-07 – New Carpet
2011-05 – Danced in the rain
2009-08 – New Garage Door & Opener
2009-08 – Fenced in back yard
2009-03 – Update Kitchen (Before, painting & after)

and much more…LOL! This has been a great home for us! Lots o fun to look back over the years and see all the blessing God has given us!

Friends of Jerry Dale Abston

Check out Jerry Dale’s Story here!  Detective upbeat as he fights cancer!

Also, Come out and join us for a Turkey Shoot THIS SATURDAY for Jerry Dale!

Join us as we (The Grove) try to raise money for Jerry Dale Abston’s Medical Expenses!

My Prayer for 2009

O, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge

my territory, that Your hand would be with me,

and keep me from evil so I may not cause pain.

Please keep me from making mistakes I’m most

prone to when temptation comes. I confess what I

think is necessary, smart, or personally beneficial

is so often only the beautiful wrapping on sin. So

please, keep evil far from me. Please keep me safe

from the pain and grief sin brings. For the

dangers I can’t see, or the ones I think I can risk

because of my experience (pride & carelessness),

put up a supernatural barrier. Protect me, Father,

by your power. Please keep me safe from

temptations pulling at my emotions and my

physical needs, calling out to my sense of what I

deserve and what I have the “right” to feel and

enjoy. Because You are the true source of all that

is really life, direct my steps away from all that is

not of you. Please expand my opportunities and

my impact in such a way I touch more lives for

Your glory. Let me do more for you. At your

name Lord Jesus, every other power on earth

must bow or flee!

<I did not write this, a friend shared this with me several years ago and I have had it on my office wall since then.  I read it often and think about God’s awesome abilities and what he has planned for me!  Happy New Years!>

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