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Our Home

Wow! What a year! We have been living life to its fullest and making some large decisions! It is time to sell our house! This is not been a easy decision, mainly because we love our home and have worked hard to make it…a home. It is just not meeting our needs and so, we trust God has planned on blessing someone with this incredible house.


Please help us spread the word and share this news with anyone looking for a house in Cookeville. Here are some additional pics. We have a great agent Heather Skender and here is the listing.

We have done a lot of updates:
2013-04 – Updated Bathrooms
2013-02 – Install 30K BTU Gas Heater in Garage…yes the GARAGE!
2012-06 – New AC Unit last summer.
2011-10 – Updated landscaping
2011-07 – New Carpet
2011-05 – Danced in the rain
2009-08 – New Garage Door & Opener
2009-08 – Fenced in back yard
2009-03 – Update Kitchen (Before, painting & after)

and much more…LOL! This has been a great home for us! Lots o fun to look back over the years and see all the blessing God has given us!

2012 Halloween

Here is our sweet Alli Grace as Daphne from Scooby Doo!

And then here is The Grove version of Duck Dynasty!

From left to right:

Back:  Mountain Man (Jonathan Dietz), Phil Robertson (Jim Maxwell),

Jase Robertson (Jeff Eddlemon) and John Godwin (David Eddins),

 Front:  Uncle Si (Terry Mullican),  Willie Robertson (David Bohannon)

Check out the Robertson Family Tree

Oct 2012 Family Update

Wow!  It has been too long!  Not that anyone cares…but I miss writing and sharing!  Well, our family adventures have continued over the last 2 years with nothing less than your typically family fun!

We had a great time this week with Halloween Bash at The Edge ministry with over 800 kids!  I volunteered to man the grill this year and we had a ball grilling around 50 lbs of hot dogs for all the spooks!  Thursday night we went over to Prescott South for the AR Tailgate and had a great time with all the kidos!

We hit the beach this fall break in Fort Walton!  Well over due family vacation!  Here are just a few of our gifts from the sea!  We had so much fun just walking the beaches and spending time together.

Chase is now 13 yrs old and in 8th grade…wow where has the time gone!  He is a FCA officer and is active in ELEV8 (middle school ministry).  We are so proud of the young man he has became.  He began taking guitar lessons this year and has really done great with it.  He has played a couple of times for our family devo and we loved it.

Alli is now 8 yrs old and in 2nd grade and loving it!  She has made some great friends and many of them live in our neighborhood!  Alli likes to read and is a good little reader.

Leslie is in her 3rd year at Prescott South Elementary as a Kindergarten Teacher.  She loves this school and is working her tail off this year!  Since PSES got the Stem grant she has been working really hard.  She has a great team of ladies she is working with!

Leslie and I decided this year to help with our college ministry group (PoGro) on Sunday nights.  We wanted to find a place we could serve together and this working out great!  We adopted a college student last year, Ms. Sarah Nix, and really enjoy getting to spend time with her and getting to know her.

As for me, well, life is crazy.  A few weeks back I felt like I was being overwhelmed by opportunities to serve God.  It sounds weird, but I was a little freaked out by everything I could be involved in.  Most of you know, if I am going to do something, I am going to do something to the best of my abilities.  The thought of serving God half way, not appealing to me.  As I begin to pray about each opportunity I felt even more lead to do each one.  God finally got my attention one night at PoGro while we were worshiping Him….the words Do Not Be Afraid hit me like a mac truck.  I was so worried about limiting myself to a few areas and God was pushing me to see, I can do them all and all to the best of my abilities.  Huh, this was never an option in my mind…it seemed like too much for me…but not when you add God in the mix.

So, it is On Like Donkey Kong!  All the opportunities are now being per sued.  You will begin to hear about them here as things happen.  I am excited about what My God can do….with me and my family!

And one last note…Chase, Michelle (Tim’s wife) and I entered The Grove 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off and WON!  We had a ball cooking together!  Maybe we will post our recipe…LOL!


June 2010 Family Update

Ok, so where have we been?  It has been a very fun and busy year so far!

I, Terry, have been working hard at Tire Company Solutions (TCS) on many new projects!  It really has been crazy, our company has hired incredible people the last couple of years and we have designed and built some great products!  Tire Power is my main project but it continues to expand and grow with so many people wanting to integrate with us this keeps all of us hopping.

ALSO, late last year Leslie and I joined up with some friends from The Grove to host Financial Peace University in January!  Most of you know I am a Dave Ramsey freak!  We payed off everything but the house in Jan of 2009, BUT went back into debt when we built our fence and with my neck and ankle surgeries!  So, game on!  We had 22 families sign up and wow what a crazy and fun group of families!  These families killed it!  They saved $54,ooo  and paid off $48,000…$100,000 DIFFERENCE!  We had so much fun!  And Leslie and I agree, we are not going back there…in debt!

We just started another FPU class in June and we have 14 families in it, 3 host families.  God is really moving in these classes and we are really trying to build this into a ministry at The Grove.

Leslie just completed another year at Cane Creek Elementary teaching kindergarten, this makes her 10th year there!  We have a new school, Prescott South (Elementary/Middle) School, being built within a mile of our home.  After prayer and consideration, Leslie applied for a transfer to the new K-8 school.  We just found out she got the job!  I am so proud of her!  This was a big step and is very exciting for all of us.  Our kids will be in the same school for the next 3 years, which helps a ton!

Chase finished up his first year at Prescott Middle School, and he loved it.  He received his first nickname, 1% Human, from his math teach who he really liked!  You will have to get Chase to explain what it means.  He also had a great time playing spring soccer.  Chase is really growing up and is a great helper to Leslie and I both!  He just return home today from 4-H camp.  He got to do many things he had never done.  This is the first time he has been away for so long without family…but he loved it!

Alli Grace is…well Alli Grace!  All girl all the time!  She just finished kindergarten and did very well!  I think she is really looking forward to just hanging out for the summer (she gets this from her mom..LOL).

Zoe (our Corgey…not) is great!  Buster (the female cat) had a run in with another cat and she has hurt her leg, so we are having to watch her closely.  And we add another pet to our family several weeks ago, Lizzy which is a shitzu.  We just had her fixed, so she is also on the mend…

We are planning to ride the Creeper Trail in a couple of weeks, we are all looking forward to this!  We are also planning a trip to Greenville, SC to visit with Leslie’s sister soon.  And later this year Leslie and I are hoping to do our first 5K together!  We just started the Couch 2 5K program!

Passing of a Great Friend…Jimmy Worley

Mr. Jimmy Worley passed away on Thursday, May 29, 2008 at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Jimmy David Worley was born on December 26, 1961 in Dickson County,TN to Tempie Jean Workey of Centeville,TN and the late Jimmy Russell Worley. Jimmy was a self-employed computer programmer and a member of Whitson Chapel Church of Christ.
In addition to his mother, Survivors Include:
WIFE:Lorie Worley-Cookeville,TN
BROTHER & SISTER-IN-LAW:Phil & Lori Worley-Columbia,TN


Whether by strange coincidence or divine guidance,
in the course of our life we cross paths with many people.
Some move toward us, others move away.
Some we choose to remember, others to forget.
But with a special few we seem to have no choice
for each has made an impact on the other
and their memory will live forever.
These people we call friends
–you, to me are such a one.

Dick Innes

Happy Birthday Alli Grace

Alli is the big 4!  We have been celebrating all weekend with friends and family!  Alli is growing up so fast it is hard to believe she is 4.  She loves going to Noah's Ark to school and she also a Cubbie in our AWANA program at church on Wednesday nights.  So her world is full of friends and fun!

Soccer Season Is Here!

Hey gang…I know it has been there a while since we have updated the site.  We have had a busy winter in our family.  God continues to bless our family, our church and our jobs!  Here are some pictures from our 1st Soccer Games of the Season .  Yes, I said games…our little Alli has joined in on the fun!

Chase's team is going to fun to watch this year because most of the team came back from last year and they were playing really good together by the end of last season.  Right now all we need is some warm/dry weather!

New Years Update

It is truly hard to believe 2007 is over!  Our family has had a great, busy and fun year.  And we expect 2008 to be even better!  Santa was very good to us this year…we are sooooo excited about getting a Wii.  This has become our favorite family time.  We bowl, play tennis or box, plus it like family exercise!

Chase is doing great and growing like crazy. He got a new Razor scooter and an  electric guitar (with mini amp) for Christmas. Chase and Leslie are now getting back into the school routine.

Alli is as cute and honoray as she has ever been!  Leslie and I are constantly laughing about the things she says and the attitude she says them. Alli got a new baby stroller, dress-up truck and a leapster (her game-boy, as she calls it) for Christmas.  Alli and I are trying to do better this year at getting to work on time or at least I am trying…

Leslie is getting a, well desired, break from her photography.  This time of year is a little slower, even though we did get to do a wedding in Bristol over the Christmas break.  Leslie worked hard and a lot of extra hours taking pictures this past year and is excited about the opportunities 2008 holds.  And she continues to be the greatest wife and mother ever.

I am, well, trying to slow down after a extremely busy year and just reflex on what has happen.  I will post more on this later, but I know one thing for sure…I am blessed.  I have a lot to be thankful for and many people who support and love my family…and I am grateful.  My family is healthy and happy, I have a wonderful wife, I have a great job and great co-workers and so much more. My work has been very fast paced this last year and there is little sign of it slowing.  God has blessed Tire Company Solutions beyond our wildest dreams this year.  So I am doing great.

We look forward to lots of family fun in 2008!  We pray the same for all of you!  God Bless!

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