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RIP Zig Ziglar


Mr. Ziglar you have changed my life through your example of being a Godly man in business and in your marriage.  I am currently reading Courtship After Marriage and I know my marriage will be blessed by your words.


Rest in peace, Mr. Ziglar.  See you at the top.


Simple Family Planning

This post is for all our FPU families!  Here are some pics of our family chore charts and family calendar I spoke about this week!

I think we found all of these at Target over the past couple of years.  The are perfect for keeping it simple!  We plan our month of activities this way we know what we need to budget for.  And the kids have their commission charts for chores they get paid for and their family chores.

Leslie ran across some chore chart ideas tonight:


Quit Giving Excuses… FPU a race worth running!

Excuse Eliminator – Excuse #2

FPU is coming to The Grove in Cookeville TN!

1st Class is FREE!! Yes FREE! These classes are open to anyone! Classes start Jan 16th at 4:45pm in the old fellowship hall!

For more information:
Class Registration:
Call Terry Mullican @ 931-261-5494 or
Call Church Office @ 931-526-9355

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