June 2010 Family Update

Ok, so where have we been?  It has been a very fun and busy year so far!

I, Terry, have been working hard at Tire Company Solutions (TCS) on many new projects!  It really has been crazy, our company has hired incredible people the last couple of years and we have designed and built some great products!  Tire Power is my main project but it continues to expand and grow with so many people wanting to integrate with us this keeps all of us hopping.

ALSO, late last year Leslie and I joined up with some friends from The Grove to host Financial Peace University in January!  Most of you know I am a Dave Ramsey freak!  We payed off everything but the house in Jan of 2009, BUT went back into debt when we built our fence and with my neck and ankle surgeries!  So, game on!  We had 22 families sign up and wow what a crazy and fun group of families!  These families killed it!  They saved $54,ooo  and paid off $48,000…$100,000 DIFFERENCE!  We had so much fun!  And Leslie and I agree, we are not going back there…in debt!

We just started another FPU class in June and we have 14 families in it, 3 host families.  God is really moving in these classes and we are really trying to build this into a ministry at The Grove.

Leslie just completed another year at Cane Creek Elementary teaching kindergarten, this makes her 10th year there!  We have a new school, Prescott South (Elementary/Middle) School, being built within a mile of our home.  After prayer and consideration, Leslie applied for a transfer to the new K-8 school.  We just found out she got the job!  I am so proud of her!  This was a big step and is very exciting for all of us.  Our kids will be in the same school for the next 3 years, which helps a ton!

Chase finished up his first year at Prescott Middle School, and he loved it.  He received his first nickname, 1% Human, from his math teach who he really liked!  You will have to get Chase to explain what it means.  He also had a great time playing spring soccer.  Chase is really growing up and is a great helper to Leslie and I both!  He just return home today from 4-H camp.  He got to do many things he had never done.  This is the first time he has been away for so long without family…but he loved it!

Alli Grace is…well Alli Grace!  All girl all the time!  She just finished kindergarten and did very well!  I think she is really looking forward to just hanging out for the summer (she gets this from her mom..LOL).

Zoe (our Corgey…not) is great!  Buster (the female cat) had a run in with another cat and she has hurt her leg, so we are having to watch her closely.  And we add another pet to our family several weeks ago, Lizzy which is a shitzu.  We just had her fixed, so she is also on the mend…

We are planning to ride the Creeper Trail in a couple of weeks, we are all looking forward to this!  We are also planning a trip to Greenville, SC to visit with Leslie’s sister soon.  And later this year Leslie and I are hoping to do our first 5K together!  We just started the Couch 2 5K program!

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